Enzo Cei: Trapianti

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The organs' donation is a topic that embraces the deepest existential meanings and needs an attentive and personal reflection, based on the knowledge of such a delicate and complex issue.

The almost 80 pictures of the exhibition from the volume edited by Federico Motta are all about this issue, conducted by Enzo Cei for more than three years, and launched by the "Fondazione Arpa Onlus" of Prof. Franco Mosca, Director of the "Divisione di Chirurgia Generale e Trapianti" of Pisa University.

This work is aimed at diffusing more knowledge about the topic among the civil society, respecting ethic and science, so that people conscience can come to a major maturit

The allusive and suggestive expression narrates the concrete world of the body and the immaterial one of feelings and moods, together with all the events that take place in the space and time of donation: the wait, the happened drama, the taking of the organs, the preparing of the transplant, the post-operation course, the return to life.

The black-and-white images are furnished with medical and scientific captions. In some cases, the author has written some short notes in order to describe the situations or circumstances on the background that couldn't be explained in another way.




Enzo CEI

was born in Pisa in 1949 in a farmer's family. This self-educated artist began to deal with narrative photography in the Seventies, choosing to insert ordinary issues as "special events" in the context of its living city. Enzo Cei organized his activity apart from any commercial rule, and he worked for many years on issues that were congenial to him: job, art, customs, sanity, social experiences. His work gives birth to a harmony between human contacts and knowledge of facts in their natural light. But only repeated darkroom procedures are then able to give back to the photographs all the weight of their enclosed ideas.

Enzo Cei planned and published eight photo books and his works where often exhibited in personal and collective exhibitions in many Italian cities and abroad.

In the last years, he collaborated with the producer Paolo Benvenuti for the movie Puccini e la fanciulla.

At present, he is preparing a short film about prematurely born children's conditions.

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