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Wolrd Cinema encompasses all those cinematographic production that are not part of the colossal hollywood dream-factory. World cinema not only includes European production, but also Asian films, Nigerian and South African films, contemporary Chinese productions with a historical propagandistic background, Iranian religious biographies, Russian old style communist biographies as well as powerful and notorious Bollywood films of India. World cinema has cultural implication and creative values which are in direct contrast with Hollywood commercialism: it is a cultural universe and an economic shuttle far removed from (universally considered) leading Anglopotic film industry

World Cinema however, continues to gain success and recognition by winning some of the most prestigious European film festivals and thus quietly changing the history of filmmaking of the last ten years.Stefano De Luigi is about to narrate this alternative cinematographic universe (which spans from Shanghai to Buenos Aires, passing through Moscow and Tehran) by means of a passionate photographic vision, telling the story of this less known film-world which is bursting with life and well on its way to definite recognition.

Stefano DE LUIGI
Stefano De Luigi (Cologne, 1964) has worked as a professional photographer since 1988.
He lived in Paris from 1989 to 1996, where he worked for the Grand Louvre Museum.
In 1998 he did a project on the Fashion World in both France and Italy, entitled ‘'Celebrities''. In this period he also begins a project called "Global Television", a wide reportage about the reality of TV's production in Italy, Mexico, United States and France.
In 1999, in collaboration with Médecins Sans Frontières, he witnesses the health conditions of tuberculosis prisoners in central Siberian prisons.
In the following years, his photographs are shown in group exhibitions: Edinburgh (1988), Paris (1993) Arles (1996), and in solo exhibitions Braga (2001) and Savignano (2002).
In 1999 he won the World Press Photo award in the "Arts and Entertainment" category for his work on World of Fashion.
In 2000 he received the "Honorable Mention" from the Leica Oskar Barnack Award. The same year his work was projected in Arles.
During the same year, the "Pornoland" project came to life, which is a journey through the world of pornographic industry.
In 2004, "Pornoland" became a book, with a text by Martin Amis. The book has been published in five different editions: the U.S.A. and the United Kingdom by Thames and Hudson, in Germany by Knessebeck, in France by La Martinière and Italy by Contrasto.
The book "Pornoland" won the "Marco Bastianelli Prize" in 2005.
"Pornoland" was presented with a solo exhibition at the REA gallery (France, 2004) and at Lille's ‘Trans-photographique Festival 2007' (France, 2007).
The group exhibitions during these years are: "Eurogeneration" at Palazzo Reale, Milan and at Museo di Roma in Trastevere (2004); "Italian Photojournalism" at Fondazione per la Fotografia, Turin ( 2006) and "Beijing In&Out" at Triennale Bovisa , Milan ( 2007).
From 2004 to 2006, in collaboration with Christian Blind Mission Italia, Stefano De Luigi starts the project "Blindness", a wide reportage about the living conditions of blind people throughout the world. For this project he travelled in Africa (Congo, Liberia and Nigeria) Europe (Lithuania, Bulgaria), Central and South America (Perù, Bolivia and Brasil) and in Asia: India, Vietnam, China, Thailand and Laos.Blindness', which is about to become a book, has received the patronage of Vision 2020 - WHO (World Health Organization).
In 2006 he started a new project called ‘Cinema Mundi', which is dedicated to the World of Cinema, but not of the mainstream west productions and companies. Cinema Mundi narrates the alternative cinematographic scene, far from Hollywood commercialism and throughout the biggest movie's companies of China, Russia, Iran, Argentina, Nigeria, India. The Project will be concluded in South Korea very soon.
A selection of photographs from "Cinema Mundi" was transformed into a short 7-minute film, and projected in the Locarno Film Festival on 4 August 2007. The same year he won the Fellowship Grant award from the W. Eugene Smith Foundation for his work "Blindness".In 2008 he won World Press Photo award in the "Arts and Entertainment", single pictures category with a photo from his work on "Cinema Mundi" in Argentina.
Stefano De Luigi features have been published in some of the most important international and Italian magazines such as Stern, Paris Match, Le Monde 2,Time, New Yorker, EyeMazing, Geo, D della Repubblica, and Internazionale.
From 2008 Stefano De Luigi is a photographer of the agency VII /Network. He lives in Milan.